Policies & promises

Health & Safety Policy

At MK Catering NE Limited we take our Health, Safety & Hygiene Policies extremely seriously. Copies of our Health & Safety Policy and our Hygiene Policy can be requested from our head office at any time, along with our site and event specific risk assessments. We plan, deliver, monitor and review on a daily basis within the company.

Our policies are an integral part of our business plan and is central to our strategy for the future. We recognise that great health, safety, environmental practices and quality management contribute to great people delivering great services.

Our Aims

Promotion of healthy eating
No harm to people
Minimise our adverse impact on the environment wherever possible
No incidents
Enhancement of the communities and environment in which we operate in
Continual improvement beyond legal compliance
Everyone who works for or on behalf of MK Catering NE Limited, anywhere, is responsible for ensuring his or her actions are consistent with these aims. Getting HSE right is critical to the wellbeing and welfare of our people, to the environment and to the success of our business and that of our clients.

Our Objectives

Continue to support and develop our people and associates within and around the company
A clear recognition that all incidents are preventable
To comply with all relevant safety, food and environmental legislation and to support our clients in their legal compliance
To understand, and control environmental impacts associated with our activities, products and services through the management of water, energy and waste and the prevention of pollution
To consult with our employees, clients and partners to identify and continuously reduce the risks to those affected by our work activities
Foster improvement programmes within our supply chain
Commit to continual improvement in HSE performance to improve standards and add value to our services
Open and timely monitoring, measuring and reporting of our objectives, targets and performance
Communicate, implement and maintain this policy at all levels of the organisation and make it available to all interested parties
Our Health, Safety and Hygiene within the Company

We are registered with Northumberland County Council Health Department and are randomly inspected every 18 months. We operate a high rated production kitchen, where all our food is stored, prepared and packed for transportation.

All food production staff have attained the appropriate level of food hygiene training suitable to their job position within the MK Catering NE Ltd.

We operate a small fleet of refrigerated vans which are temperature controlled and monitored. This ensures your food is delivered fresh and adheres to current legal requirements.

We operate strict Hazard Analysis Systems within our production facility including; the auditing of suppliers, temperature intake procedures, cooking and cooling procedures including the probing of all cooked meats, cleaning schedules, regular temperature controls, glass breakage procedures and accident procedures. British & European law requires food businesses to ensure that adequate safety procedures are maintained.

We have been audited by and are a supplier to a large amount of organizations, charities, businesses and local authorities.

We employ the services when required of an independent Food Technology Consultant to advise us on our systems and procedures.

We are happy for you to arrive at any time at our facility and ask to view our kitchen & systems.

Our Environmental Promise

Here at MK Catering NE Limited we endeavour to protect the environment and promote local businesses sourcing our produce locally helps to lower our carbon footprint.

Our meat is raised on farms where the animals are free to roam, our fish are sustainably caught or ethically farmed.

Our fruit and vegetables are locally purchased when in season and our bread is made daily by our local bakery.

Recycling is very important to us and this is why our stationary is printed using recycled paper. We also recycle our cardboard and paper products, and are committed to trying to recycle 100% of our glass bottle waste.

As Directors we are wholly committed to these aims, objectives, policies and promises. We will ensure adequate and appropriate resources are made available to implement and review this policy on a regular basis.

Matt Daniel & Kris Wood

Directors, MK Catering NE Limited

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